Lennox® Zoning System

Lennox iHarmony Zoning System

Lennox® HVAC zoning systems in Lincoln, Nebraska, have changed the way families use heating or cooling in their houses.

This unit pairs with your HVAC unit to produce different climates for up to four areas in your residence. It uses zone dampers to open or close ducts to redirect airflow.

Operating a unit to zone your residence also allows you to change conditions based on area usage or period of time. In the winter you may possibly want to leave the temperature hotter for frequently used spaces, such as your living room or kitchen. And keep infrequently utilized areas, like a spare bedroom, cooler by managing airflow.

This efficient system could also help lessen your utility costs year-round, especially when paired with a Lennox smart thermostat. Then, you are able to regulate your condition from everywhere with a web-enabled tool.

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Lennox zoning systems Comparison card

Zoning Systems Comparison Card

Lennox® zoning systems come appointed with customized comfort for your needs. So, no matter which zoning system you choose, you’ll enjoy year-round energy savings. Click to download our current Lennox zoning systems comparison card to see which would be the right fit for your home.

3 Perks of a Zone Control System

A zoning system can provide a lot of benefits for your home, including:

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1. Additional control over your heating and cooling units

Since you have the freedom to set the temperature for set areas of your household. 

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2. Improved energy efficiency

as you only need to run heating or cooling for spaces you use.

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3. Improved satisfaction

Especially when members of your household prefer varying conditions.

Save More with a Zoning System for Your Household

When you want to put in zoning at your house, consult the heating and cooling specialists at AW Heating & Air Conditioning. Call us at 402-438-7992 or touch base with us online to find out about temperature zoning and which product can be the best fit for you.

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